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Terms of Use
www.eu-test.eu is an e-trading center, founded and owned by Atlas Consulting Ltd. The website has a specialized purpose, namely internet trade of specialized training software via individual client’s request. All prices, listed on this site are final. Atlas Consulting Ltd. preserves the right to change these prices without fore-warningits customers, and to correct misspelled technical and other parameters of its products. There might be some misprints, differences in the color visualization of the consumer’s computer configuration, as well as a change of the products’ content. All copyrights are possessed by their owners. The brand EU test is owned by Atlas Consulting Ltd. The contents of this site can not be reproduced or displayed without a written consent by "Atlas Consulting Ltd.
"Consumer" is everyone, who has opened the website www.eu-test.eu.
"Order" is an individual request for purchase of the chosen item following the Terms of Use provided on the site regarding the method of delivery and payment by the consumer.
"Services" are all actions performed by Atlas Consulting Ltd. in and/or regarding the supply, sale and delivery of the products on the website.
This document contains the Terms of Use under which www.eu-test.eu provides services to the users of the website. Each consumer is bound by the rules of these Terms of Use from the initial entry to the exit of the website. Identification of the consumer in order to reproduce his/her statement of acceptance of the Terms of Use shall be made by the data stored in log-files on the server www.eu-test.eu of IP address of the consumer, as well as all other information provided.
The Terms of Use are posted prominently on the website so they can be seen and read by each consumer.
Subject of the Terms of Use
The Terms of Use regulate the provision of services on www.eu-test.eu.
Products of the sale
Subject to the sale is each product offered on the website at the time of making an order by the consumer.
The products at the website are described by the type and quality and are classified into different categories according to common and similar features. Stating the purchase of products is considered consent expressed by the consumer regarding their type and quality.


The consumer fills out a registration form for the site where he/she indicates a user name chosen by him/her, email, name and family name, country of residence. They may choose to subscribe to the newsletter of Atlas Consulting and in order to continue they must agree to the Terms of use of the site. Below them there is a field for ANTI-SPAM defence where the consumer must enter the characters of the picture following the instructions below it. All fields in the registration form are obligatory.

In order to have access to the paid services of the site (Exam and Practice tests, paid test materials) the consumer must register.

After filling out the registration form the consumer sees a message on the home page of the site which guides them to continue the process of activatiion the profile from the mailbox indicated during the registration. They have received a mail with a temporary password to access the site and a link that gives the consumer temporary access to the site and allows them to edit the temporary password with one of their choice. They can also choose the interface language of the website (Bulgarian and English), time zone in which it is located. The links above can be used to change their personal information (name and country), the subscription to the newsletter of Atlas Consulting. This page gives the consumer access to the files purchased by them, the results of the tests made (history with a given test date, time spent in each of them and the test result), also a history of the orders made by the consumer on the site. A number of consumer menus are activated that lead to these pages in the right part of the site and they are active all the time during which the consumer is registered on the site.

Purchase access to the tests


From this page the consumer may choose access to the tests that he wishes to purchase. After pressing the button “Buy” the consumer is transferred to a site with a shopping cart in which there are the quantities of the products selected by them and their total price. Following the link “Buy” they are transferred to a site where they must enter their personal data, choose whether they wish to receive an invoice and enter data of the company on which the invoice should be issued.

The consumer must also select a payment method. After that they continue with pressing the buttonBuyand they are transferred to a page that shows a summary of the order and instructions on how to make the payment. After pressing the buttonSubmit orderthe consumer is transferred to a page where they can make the payment using the selected method (if it allows online payment) or submit the order (when paying by bank transfer).

Upon submitting the order the consumer receives a message on the indicated email with a summary of the order made and instructions on how to monitor its status.

In case of unsuccessful online payment the consumer is transferred to a page that notifies them of the status of payment giving information why it is unsuccessful and an opportunity to try to pay again. In case of successful payment the consumer is transferred to a page that notifies them of the successful payment and of the fact that the services they have paid for are activated as well as instructions on how they shall get access to them. The consumer receives a receipt for the payment made on their email and in case they have chosen to receive an invoice, they receive a notification that their invoice will be activated soon.

When the sites administrators generate the invoice and sign it electronically, they upload it to a place online where it can be downloaded by the consumer and they receive an email with instructions on how to download it. At downloading the invoice, the date of its first downloading is recorded so that Atlas Consulting can be sure that the consumer received it successfully.

Access to purchased materials and tests.

After getting registered on the site blocks appear in the right menu with links for the consumer to continue/start their tests (http://www.eu-test.eu/bg/node/91)/. The same link can be found in the menu appearing before registered consumers below the banner. This link leads to a page with instructions for the required settings of the browser the consumer uses in order to have access to the tests and minimal requirements for the internet connection. The page contains information about the active services for a certain consumer. The left part contains the number of questions of each type accessible to the consumer for all purchased tests and the right part contains statistics for the tests made by the consumer and those left. Below the two columns with information there are 2 buttons to access the tests – on the left in Practice mode and on the right in Exam mode (in case of purchased access to them). Pressing these buttons opens the test in Pop-up (a window activated by Javascript). In case there are no purchased tests, they become buttons to access the page for buying tests.

Types of tests

Demo modeboth registered and unregistered consumers have access to it. It contains an indefinite number of questions and its purpose is to present to the consumer what is the interface for making tests, what are the types of questions and how to answer them. When closing the window the consumers progress to a certain test is terminated and at a subsequent startup of the test Demo mode is activated from the beginning.

Exam mode imitates a real exam conducted by EPSO with the respective duration, number and type of questions. At starting the test the active tests for a certain consumer are reduced by 1. When closing the test the consumer’s progress to a certain test is terminated and the consumer will NOT be able to continue this particular test again. At a subsequent startup of the test Exam mode is activated from the beginning.

Practice modewith the purchase of each package a certain number of tests are purchased and all of them can be started by the consumer as an Exam mode, however only a certain number of them can be started as Practice. At starting the test the active tests for a certain consumer are reduced by 1. When buying more than one package and when making one Practice test, each of the remaining Practice tests can be started as such as long as the limit of Practice tests purchased by the consumer is not reached. This limit concerns only the certain package purchased by the consumer and at exhausting of the questions of this package this limit is exhausted even if none of the tests of the package is started as Practice. In case the consumer decides not to use the option for Practice test, the same is transferred to the package of tests in Exam mode that are available to the consumer. After closing the test in Practice mode the consumer will be able to continue it again. The access to a started test will be available for practice in the period of 3 weeks, each week the progress moving on to the next section automatically until the time ends.

Revision and Statistics – a registered consumer who has bought a test can check his result in menu My Tests/ Revisions and Statistics.
In order to see the correct answers with the explanations to them the consumer will have to make through the end of the test and push the button Summary, then he can see all questions and answers of the test. After closing this window the consumer will not be able to check the questions and answers of the previous test over again.

Free study materials – there is a section on the site for free test materials which are available to all consumers (registered and unregistered) at any time.

Methods of payment
After making the individual order of the selected product, the consumer has to pay the price for it specified on the website.
A consumer, who has ordered a product, may decline use after delivery only in the following cases: when there is a discrepancy between ordered and delivered product, which was impossible to be established at the time of delivery, then the product/s is subject to claim.
The buyer can exercise his/her rights under Art. 55, par. 1 of the LCP, within 7 days of receiving of the product, provided that it is returned in the form it was received, without being used. Exceptions to this rule are expressly regulated in the Law on Consumer Protection.
Rights and obligations of the Customer
The customer has the right to examine, order and receive products from the website under the terms of use specified herein.
The customer has the right to be informed of the status of his/her order.
The customer has the right to be delivered the ordered product/s at the given delivery e-mail after payment of the purchase price on the website.
The customer is obliged to pay the price of his/her order under the specified terms herein.
Customers of the website do not have the right to disseminate, edit, copy (except for non-commercial personal purposes), deliver, display, reproduce, publish, create sub-products, transfer, sell or in any other way to use the contents of the website without the explicit written permission of Atlas Consulting Ltd. 


 - not to perform malicious actions.
Right and obligations of www.eu-test.eu
Atlas Consulting Ltd. does not have the obligation and the objective possibility and does not control the manner on which the consumers use the provided services.
Atlas Consulting Ltd. has the right, however not the obligation, top reserve materials and information, made available to third parties by a consumer and to make them available to third parties and the respective state authorities in cases when this is necessary to preserve the rights and legitimate interests, property and security of Atlas Consulting Ltd.,
- not to infringe upon therights and to respect the rights and freedom of citizens under the Constitution, laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and international deeds on which itis a party, rules of morality, decency and internet ethics in using the services provided by AtlasConsulting Ltd.;
 - not to infringe upon others’ property or non-property, absolute or relative rights and interests, such as right of property, right of intellectual property, etc.;
- to notify immediately Atlas Consulting Ltd. and the respective authorities in case of committed or open violation in using thep rovided services; as well as to third parties in cases of claims relating to violation of their rights inrelation to used or disseminated information or materials as well as in cases when the materials or information are requested by state authorities under an express statutory provision.
Atlas Consulting Ltd. has the right at any time without notifying the consumer when the latter uses the services inviolation of these terms as well as at the discretion of Atlas Consulting Ltd. to terminate, suspend or change the provided services. Atlas Consulting Ltd. does not beara responsibility toward consumers and third parties for damages and lost profits incurred due to termination, suspension, amendment or limitation of services, deletion, modification, loss, untrustworthiness, inaccuracy or incompleteness of announcements, materials or information, transferred, used, written down or made available through Atlas Consulting Ltd.
Atlas Consulting Ltd. can provide publication in the thematic sections of the e-shop of hyper-links to other internet websites and resources. Atlas Consulting Ltd. does not bear a responsibility for damages and lost profits arising in connection with the use, access or trustworthiness of these materials and content. The consumer bears full responsibility for all damages caused to www.eu-test.eu and third parties due to use or access to these internet websites and resources.
Tips, advice or assistance rendered by the experts and employees o fwww.eu-test.eu in connection with the use of services by the consumers does not cause any responsibility or liability for Atlas Consulting Ltd.
Customer shall compensate Atlas Consulting Ltd. and all third parties for all damages and lost profits including all expenses and attorney fees paid as aconsequence of claims and/or compensations paid to third parties in connection with internet websites, hyper-links, materials or information that theconsumer has used, placed on the server, sent, disseminated, made available to third parties or made available through Atlas Consulting Ltd. in breach of the law, the present terms, decency or internet ethics.
Amendment of the Terms of Use 
The terms of use could be amended at any time by Atlas Consulting Ltd. as itis obliged to inform the consumer of the amendmentsin the terms of use by publication on the site of an announcement for the amendments as well as the amendments themselves – to make them familiar. The consumer is considered bound by the amendments from the moment of their publication on the website unless the consumer declares he does not accept them. In case the consumer explicitly states that he disagrees with the amendments, Atlas Consulting Ltd. has the right to suspend or terminate immediately the provision of services to the consumer and the obligations having arisen up to this moment shall be performed.
Unless expressly stated otherwise, all notifications connected with the provision of services through the website are made by emails/telephone numbers/addresses for contacts announced prominently on the website and respectively by the indicated telephone number/address for contacts of the consumer.Notifications made in this way are considered properly received until proven the opposite.
Atlas Consulting Ltd. 
23, Tvardishki prohod Str.
1404 Sofia, Bulgaria
If you have any questions concerning the terms of use of this website, please read our Terms of Use.
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