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Make the EPSO Test in Your Language

According to the assessment criteria of the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) for the open competitions the sections for Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, and Abstract Reasoning in the applicant's admission tests are held in the applicant's main language, and competency assessment - in the applicant's second language. Main language is qualified as the language in which the applicant has a thorough knowledge, is one of the 24 EU official languages and is most likely the applicant's mother tongue. The main language is referred to as "language 1" in the online registration form. The second language "language 2" is the language in which the applicant has a satisfactory knowledge and must be different from the applicant’s main language and must be English, French or German. Most of the tests at the Assessment centre will be in the applicant’s second language.

You can choose your languages after you purchase a Package, by clicking on the flag of your "language 1". 

Currently the following languages are available as "language 1":  

Please be aware that due to technical maintenances currently Greek is not available .

Coming soon:

Currently the following languages are available as "language 2":

Coming soon:


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